Vetiver is a grass from which the roots are used in perfumery.
In this vlog Tanja Deurloo explains about this perfume ingredient and introduces you to some of our vetiver perfumes.
Vetiver adds elegancy and complexity to perfumes for its woody. warm, salty, smoky and earthy notes.

If you want to smell these and more vetiver perfumes, please do visit us at the Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam.
In this vlog:
What is vetiver? 0:00 - 0:35
Vetiver - Guerlain (we do not stock this perfume, it gets an honorable mentioning) 0:36
Sel de Vetiver - The Different Company  0:50
Vetiver - Lorenzo Villoresi  0:59
Askew - Humiecki & Graef  1:04
Classical - Anat Fritz Black (we no longer stock this brand) 1:09
Black Vetiver - Phaedon  1:17
Querelle - Parfumerie Generale (discontinued) 1:25
Mark Buxton - Project Renegades 1:33 (we no longer stock this brand)
Paradis Perdu - Frapin 1:44

Also great vetiver perfumes (not in this vlog):

Every Storm a Seranade - Imaginary Authors
Vetyver Rain Skin - THE ZOO