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Robert Piguet



Fracas, gecreëerd in 1947 door parfumeur Germaine Cellier, werd al snel een waar icoon. Het was het derde parfum van modehuis Robert Piguet, een invloedrijke ontwerper in de Haute couture. Voor Piguet verbeeldde Fracas de goede smaak, echte luxe en verleiding.

Quote from review on Fracas from Bois de Jasmin:
"After the initial overture by citrus and orange blossom - an olfactory calm before the storm, the darkness begins to gather forces. Tuberose undulates slowly and sensually, emerging under the veil of sweet delicate notes. It overshadows the radiance of orange blossom, which nevertheless remains in the background, glowing like traveling lights in the marshes. The sweet creamy note of tuberose is ornamented beautifully by jasmine, violet and iris, which lend a somber introspective quality to the composition. Lily of the valley is a surprising touch of spring-like freshness, teasing and evanescent as if carried by the wind - one moment it is distinct, the next it has vanished. The composition is ornamented by woods and oakmoss, which provide a dark counterpoint to the lush floral orchestration."

French couturier Robert Piquet wanted to create a fragrance that represented Paris' freedom and femininity. He commissioned perfumer Germaine Cellier to create this intoxicating scent. "When a woman wears it, the tuberose mingles with the skin, so it's impossible to tell where her natural scent ends and the perfume begins - that is the definition of a sexy fragrance" aldus Frédéric Malle.


Ingrediënten bergamot, hyacinth, mandarijn, tuberoos, jasmijn, gardenia, roos, vetiver, musk, sandelhout

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