Sailors-THE ZOO-Annindriya Perfume Lounge
Sailors-THE ZOO-Annindriya Perfume Lounge
Sailors-THE ZOO-Annindriya Perfume Lounge


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Bijzonder statement van Christophe, eerlijk zijn over zijn inspiratiebron en dat in een heel verleidelijke 'remix' van Déclaration for Men van Cartier.

Dream: American sailors meeting Russian sailors

Description Originally created upon a friend’s request in 2002, Sailors intends to represent both sensuality and friendship around the globe. A friendship that shall go beyond the political confrontations of the flags on their ships… Not to mention most find these friendly sea voyagers quite sexy.

Twist This is a perfumer’s remix of Déclaration for Men (Jean Claude Elena/Société Cartier 1998). Just as a DJ creates a remix from an existing song, making it more dramatic and dancey.

In Sailors, bass (base) notes were added with deeper sexier tones: Cashmeran®, a touch of Seaweed, Cinnamon Leaves and Clove…, along with resounding notes: Javanol® and Ambrox® Super big time, natural Indian Sandalwood big time, Wolfwood®, Helvetolide®…

Some further dancing freshness was also mixed in: five Grapefruit notes, Mandarin, Lemon, molecular Violet Leaves, iso-Cyclocitral...

As per THE ZOO® Code of Ethics, if Société Cartier, Symrise or Jean-Claude Ellena would like to be compensated with a royalty agreement, we will gladly abide, counting on everyone to act fairly. We intend to show a new way of respecting creators as well as fighting blunt plagiarism which is entrenched and rewarded in perfumery. For instance, as a starting point, we could learn from the music arena, and go beyond to avoid its issues. Let’s be clever and legally creative.

ingrediënten cashmeran, zeewier, kaneelblad, kruidnagel, javanol, ambrox, Indiaas sandelhout, houtakoorden

geurfamilie woody musk

header the zoo - Annindriya Perfume Lounge

Christophe Laudamiel - perfumer - Annindriya Perfume Lounge"Fragrances are like animals, living creatures that require attention and nourishment. They are kept in bottle-like cages, calm or longing to escape. They each have their own safety features and come with their own rituals and anecdotes. 
Some are domesticated, some are wild and left for you to discover."
Christophe Laudamiel

De parfumeur en eigenaar van THE ZOO is Christophe Laudamiel en het voorbeeld bij uitstek van een veelzijdige en getalenteerde parfumeur. Hij is chemicus, parfumeur, geurkunstenaar en hij geeft educatieve en inzichtelijke lezingen over geur.

Met THE ZOO zet hij een speels en opvallend merk neer met hoge kwaliteit parfums. De geuren worden vergeleken met dieren, met hun eigen unieke persoonlijkheden. Zacht omhuld in een 100% wollen zakje worden de parfums verstuurd, klaar om losgelaten te worden, op je huid! 

The Zoo collectie omvat geuren in 4 categorieën:

  1. RAW: "Blunt, straight forward and explicit fragrances. What you see on the fragrance label is what you get. Wear The Zoo RAW scents because you like it straightforward, without embellishments. You love the purity of the ingredient and the honesty of the fragrance." (Rhubarb My Love)
  2. FRESH: "Easy to wear fragrances, a breath of fresh air and good energy for you and the people around you. Drench yourself in it as a wake-up call in the morning, stay fresh and motivated in the office, the gym, on the plane or train. Stay fresh in hot climates or in overheated rooms in the winter." (Community; Spacewood)
  3. SEXY: "Deep and sensual fragrances, full-bodied but not necessarily heavy,  but sure to leave an impression. Watch people around you as you wear these fragrances:  you wear The Zoo SEXY scents when you are on a mission." (Vetyver Rain Skin; Club Design; Scent Tattoo)
  4. FORBIDDEN: "You and your fragrance like to go against accepted standards. You're comfortable being a paradigm-breaker: wear The Zoo FORBIDDEN in public or whispering behind closed doors. These smells are banned by experts or by countries where they won’t be shipped, due to their ingredient content, proportions or creation methods." (Carré Blanc; Club Design; Scent Tattoo).

Bestellingen die voor 15 uur bij ons binnenkomen, worden dezelfde werkdag nog verwerkt, mits op voorraad. Uitzondering zijn samples-bestellingen; deze worden door ons met de hand gevuld en worden met PostNL verstuurd. Houdt u hierbij rekening met een levertijd van 2-3 dagen.

Het is ook mogelijk om uw bestelling op een ander adres geleverd te krijgen of om hem af te halen in onze winkel in Amsterdam.


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